Dr. Khalid Siddiqui – Making movies; one molecule at a time

Dr. Khalid Siddiqui – Making movies; one molecule at a time

February 4, 2022

Most of us are familiar with Hollywood where movie magic happens. But do you also know that movie magic also happens in some labs across the world? Dr. Khalid Siddiqui can tell you more about it!

Dr. Khalid Siddiqui is a physicist with a chemistry background. He obtained an MChem honours degree in Chemistry from University of Leeds, UK in 2012 and a PhD awarded in 2017 in Dwayne Miller’s group at the Max Planck Institute for Structure and Dynamic of Matter in Hamburg, Germany. Afterwards, he joined the Material Sciences Division of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory as a postdoctoral scholar where he worked on the development of Berkeley Labs molecular camera for ultrafast studies in quantum materials. He is currently a postdoc at Aarhus University, Denmark. Outside of the lab activities, he is an avid fan of football (soccer) and supports his beloved Chelsea FC. He is also a keen reader of crime fiction and enjoys playing guitar.

In his article “Filming the Ultrafast and the Ultrasmall“, he explains all that entails in the art of movie making at the molecular level! Have any questions? You can contact him here to ask anything from the ultrafast to the ultrasmall!

Dr. Khalid Siddiqui

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